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Training courses

The Explosive Ordnance Course provides information necessary for storage or transport operators to safely carry out their duties, and where applicable, may serve as a pre-requisite to obtain Registration with the relevant WorkSafe Authority. Content includes explosives identification and handling, safety precautions and equipment, and compliance with statutory requirements. Unique Defence department requirements are also covered, with the emphasis on practical applications.

The course is competency based and is aligned to the Competency Standards contained within National Training Packages. Successful applicants who attain the necessary competence may be eligible to apply for the issue of applicable WorkSafe Licence/s.

Duration of the course is usually 2-3 days, dependent upon the range of activities chosen by the customer. It can be provided in 4 hour modules to suit industry production needs.


This training may be delivered with Victorian and Commonwealth Government funding. Student tuition fees as published are subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment. There are no further fees or charges.