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Designed specifically for personnel who operate an Advanced Boiler but do not have a lower level Licence for Standard or Intermediate Boiler.

MSMBLIC002 Licence to Operate an Advanced Boiler is a comprehensive course suitable for personnel who require a High Risk Work Licence to carry out specific advanced boiler operations. Applicants do not have to hold a current Boiler Licence for a Standard or Intermediate Boiler

This course is suitable for Personnel working within engineering, manufacturing and power supply industries, is nationally accredited and recognised, and typically requires approximately 70 hours of training. The training may include some pre course reading and activities, blended learning options, practical training. The assessment is mandated by regulators and will include theory and practical assessment.

Course Dates

July 7-day course (July 6-10 & 13-14),


This training may be delivered with Victorian and Commonwealth Government funding. Student tuition fees as published are subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment. There are no further fees or charges.