To whom it may concern,

Linfox has been engaged with AITAC P/L and their group of trainers and assessors for more than ten
years. During this time, AITAC has provided training and licensing in;
• Forklift
• Elevated Work Platform
• Dogging
• Traffic Control, Planning and Implementation
• Vehicle Loading Crane
• Non Slewing Crane
• Telehandler operations
• Construction Induction

AITAC has a deep understanding of our requirements, which is reflected in the skill and confidence
that our employees demonstrate. Upon accreditation, they are highly proficient and job ready to
undertake their specific tasks and job roles at the Australian Grand Prix Track Work Project, which
can be described as the most scrutinised work place in Australia.

AITAC has always customised our training, in tailoring and delivering specific training methods to
accommodate the various learning needs of the individuals. They have also gone the extra mile in
providing follow up training and assessment on site and in a “live on the job” situation.

They have industry experts as trainers and we are extreemley satisfied with the training results
provided by AITAC. We are pleased to receive high quality training at a value for money cost which
meets our training needs and covers our legal and workplace obligations.

I have no hesitation in recommending AITAC to anyone that requires their services.

Tony Comito
National Project Manager

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