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13th April 2015

To Whom It May Concern

Regarding Australian Industry Training and Assessors Pty Ltd (AITAC P/L)

This reference confirms a 5 year association between Burbank and AITAC P/L for the purpose of providing training, licencing and accredited qualifications for Burbank employees.

By collaborating and consulting in our specific industry AITAC provides training and certification to our employees on a comprehensive platform that ensures our business fulfils our compliance obligations, provides skills extension for our employees, and keeps our employees productive and relevant.

Verification of competency, relicensing and WHS training and assessment requirements are fulfilled through our employees’ participation in AITAC delivered courses.

AITAC provides comprehensive and customised workplace training.  Our association with AITAC has provided over 135 employees with training and qualifications or certificates as required.
All of our association with AITAC has been professional and delivered as required. The consultation provided had been accurate and relevant, and has ensured we have remained compliant, productive cost effective. Jim Borle, AITAC’s director, his team of trainers, assessors and support staff are all approachable, professional and reliable. AITACs expertise in the industry allows us to implement best practice with our employee teams development and meets all of our training criteria and needs.

At all times the focus of AITAC is ensuring successful training outcomes for our employees and business.

I would be pleased to support this professional reference.

Frank Perconte
HSE Manager

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